“Neuteq are experts not only in automation but the manufacturing processes to which they are to be employed. This understanding allows us not only to select the correct equipment but also the most efficient processes, therefore providing full turnkey solutions using proven standard concepts. Vision guided robot systems, machine tending, robotic machining and de-burring are just some of the market leading standard solutions Neuteq can offer, alongside large scale bespoke automation systems. Neuteq offer complete solutions based on standard machines but where the link to each customer’s application is unique.

For ultimate flexibility, Neuteq provide standard vision cells with the ability to quickly and easily program new components making short production runs or wide variety of parts possible to automate. The heart of the vision guided cells is the highly acclaimed SVIA vision system – Pickvision. The system provides advance technology in user-friendly standardised machines. Within automation, properties such as flexibility are often neglected in place of speed and precision, but you do not need to compromise, instead, we combine precisely these attributes.”