Our Conceive ~ Qualify ~ Command philosophy is our simple but highly effective approach to finding and providing solutions to our customers projects.

Stage 1. Conceive

There are two ways that this stage can originate. 1: Our customer has an initial idea conception. 2: A member of our team has noticed potential improvement that is worth consideration by our customer. Regardless where it begins, this is the nucleus of stage 1.

What surrounds this nucleus is essentially a brainstorming session to bring all ideas and potential solutions to the table. Working closely with our customers to ensure their best interests are kept at the forefront of our minds, we then methodically weigh up the potentials of each suggestion, to decide the best solution or solutions to focus on.

This stage ends with the favored solution being decided upon.

Stage 2. Qualify

Here we take the idea and put in the work with our machine tool, tooling and (where required) automation supplier partners to ensure the concepts are feasible and ultimately achievable. This allows us to then offer our proposed solution.

Once the full proposal, which could range from a simple machine tool, to an entire production cell is agreed we move on to stage 3.

Stage 3. Command

This is where the real work begins. This is the longest stage of the process as this is where WE bring the agreed solution and make it work for our customer. Then hand over the process to allow them to take Command of the project and market they are in.

It doesn’t end there…

At RAM Engineering and Tooling, the process does not simply end when we hand over the solution. We consider ourselves a ‘Partner solution’. We never sell and forget. This gives us the confidence and our customers the comfort that we need the solution to be the right one, as we will be there every step of the way to ensure it works and continues to work.

We stick by you.