Each and every company has one – the trusted machine tool that has been a staple workhorse in the plant for years. It works competently enough and gets the job done, but with newer and faster machines on the market today, you wonder if you could achieve better performance and results with something else.

Where we come in?

We can provide a viable alternative to purchasing costly new machines by improving the mechanical and electrical performance in your current medium to large-sized machine tools.

The result?

Machines that will achieve optimal performance, be outfitted with the latest technology, and end up costing your company far less than if you were to replace it.


Many European manufacturers are opting to retrofit and rebuild their existing capital equipment in order to keep costs low while allowing them to compete in today’s global market.

Ways in which Retrofit and Rebuild programs can help your existing machine tools:
• Improve the reliability of your control system
• Improve the accuracy
• Improve the overall performance
• Reduce the time it takes to make most parts
• Ensure continuous machining without hesitation
• Increase your speeds and feeds
• Allow for easier programming with increased features
• Reduce maintenance time