RAM Additive Machinery

Additive manufacture has stolen the limelight in the past few years but has been here for longer than you may think. (1970’s concept, 1980’s developed) The apprehension behind the moves to additive are not unfounded, the processes need to be perfected, proven and tested to suit all applications. But this has been and is being done now, so the adoption of these techniques can now be implemented, and we can help with some of today’s cutting-edge technologies!

Our process is not a simple sale and leave you to it, we have the framework in place to work with you every step of the way. We realised that the “unknown” is daunting, so we have partners and testing facilities to work on these projects with us from start to finish. We offer additive manufacture machinery that can be purchased ready to go, but we have other options too. There is also the misconception that this is “too expensive” … what if you added it to an existing machine…

Additive Series


Fewer steps. Better results.

High material throughput is one of the greatest advantages of MELD. Because of our machines’ large size, they can deposit a wide array of metals at rates that are unmatched by any other metal additive process. In most cases, the MELD process can deposit material at least 10 times faster than other metal additive processes. Unlike parts made with other processes, once the “MELDed” material is deposited, the process is over.

MELD deposition has no material limitations and has no post-processes to prepare the material. You deposit, then You machine!

Equipment Specifications


Build Space: 914x305x305 – 2,100×1,100×1,000

Build Volume: 0.08m3 – 2.3m3


Substrate Type: Solid Metal Bar

“MELDed” materials (so far): Alu/Copper/Steel/Magnesium/Titanium/Nickel Alu Bronze


Dimensions: 1,067×458 – 2,200×1,092


4th axis, Trunnions, Probing……

*accuracy and repeatability to suit application requirements

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